Directorate for Urban Development of Gdańsk

Directorate for Urban Development of Gdańsk

SPB Contech commenced the implementation of the 'Modernisation of the feeding infrastructure at the Primary School No. 15 in Gdańsk at Smoluchowskiego Street' acting as General Contractor on behalf of the Municipality of the City of Gdańsk.


The detailed tasks covering the subject of the implementation include:

  • developing the technology for the execution of the works
  • carrying out demolition work on the food hub,
  • renovation of the kitchens of buildings A and B along with the delivery and installation of new technological equipment,
  • reconstruction of the electrical installation,
  • reconstruction of the mechanical ventilation system and plumbing system in the kitchen premises,
  • managerial supervision of the work being carried out,
  • disposal of waste generated during demolition work and modernisation of the canteen,
  • preparation of complete as-built documentation.

The duration of the works is 14 weeks from the date of signing the contract.

SPB Contech sp. z o.o.

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