Specialized construction works

Contech was established in 2007.

The primary area of business in our company is provision of civil engineering services and specialist jobs related to this industry.


During its first years, the enterprise functioned as a private partnership, and as it grew, it was transformed into a limited liability company.


In our business, we carry out orders throughout the entire country and internationally.

Key avenues of our business:

Key avenues of our business:

  • civil engineering work in new buildings and modernisation of existing ones;

  • comprehensive modification of buildings;

  • jobs for the marine industry;

  • construction of resin and industrial flooring.


We gained our years of experience working for various industries:

  • industrial facilities: production plants, logistics facilities;
  • cogeneration plants;
  • public utility facilities: hotels, shopping malls, banks;
  • cultural and education centres;
  • real estate development facilities;
  • marine industry: modernisation of ship and ferry interior rooms
  • ordered by shipowners and shipyards.
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Key avenues of our business:

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