Stena Line passenger ferries

For almost a decade, we have been working on the ferries of one of the largest shipowners in the world - Stena Line. So far, we have carried out tasks on the following vessels: Stena Spirit, Stena Sassnitz, Stena Vision, Stena Scandinavica


Our ranges mainly include specialized application works of anti-corrosive and resin systems. The knowledge of both anti-corrosion and floor resin systems is necessary here, as well as qualified employees who know the specifics of work in the maritime industry.


We work only with professional and dedicated materials for the maritime industry, among others: Hempel, International, Sto, Sika.


As part of the works, we remove existing anti-corrosion and resin coatings and glaze, and then apply new paint and resin systems together with unique, developed entirely by us, decorative effects. In this way, we achieve excellent anti-corrosion protection, while maintaining high aesthetic qualities necessary in passenger cabins.


So far, we have modernized about 500 bathrooms on the passenger ferries in this system.

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