Oliwski Ratusz Kultury, Gdansk

The task carried out at the request of the Fundacja Wspolnota Gdanska Foundation included complete reconstruction of the facility along with the transformation of the way of the use of the building.


The external walls of the existing building have remained, mainly due to the historic character and prestigious location in the so-called Old Oliwa.


They were later combined with a newly constructed internal reinforced concrete and steel building structure, comprising, among others, concrete pilasters and insteps of existing foundations, reinforced concrete staircase and ceilings on 3 levels.


Due to such an extensive reconstruction in the existing historic walls, a completely modern facility was created, offering new possibilities of use, including stage and exhibition halls, a restaurant with a kitchen, an administrative part of the Fundacja Wspolnota Gdanska Foundation and a higher standard hostel.

The detailed scope of our work included, among others:

demolition works internal walls, elbow walls, ceilings, roof, soil removal in the part of the building

construction works instep of historic foundations, reinforced concrete and steel structure of the building: walls, ceilings, roof construction

construction works bricklaying of external and internal walls, assembly of plasterboard and modular ceilings, fire protection of structural elements

facade and roofing works

finishing works application of internal plasters, glaze laying, painting and filling works

external works on the property paving works, walls of the new fence

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