Gas Storage Poland

Gas Storage Poland

SPB Contech has been selected to carry out structural repairs, thermal insulation repairs and anti-corrosion protection of the technological installation at the Kosakowo Cavern Underground Gas Storage Facility.

The entity commissioning the work is Gas Storage Poland sp. z o.o.


The detailed scope of work includes:

  • preparation of documentation with regard to the selection of work technology, materials and equipment,
  • cleaning and subsequent repair of the anti-corrosion coating on the process lines of the Gas Distribution Station and the Gas Metering Station,
  • Performing construction repairs at the Kosakowo Cavern Underground Storage Facility,
  • Performing author's supervision over the implementation of the task,
  • preparation of as-built documentation covering the scope of work entrusted.

The planned duration of the works is 2022-2023.

SPB Contech sp. z o.o.

Gdańsk, ul. Opata Jacka Rybińskiego 24

+48 605 628 041

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